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SPRI is committed to international cooperation. We work to foster relationships with professionals across the globe from the Americas to Europe and Asia.

About The Social Policy Research Institute
SPRI is a not-for-profit public interest corporation dedicated to the highest standards of scientific research and promoting social advancement.

Our Mission Statement
The Social Policy Research Institute is dedicated to promoting ethics and accountability among corporate and government bodies through research and advocacy in order to further global democracy and the fair distribution of social opportunity.

Research Objectives
In support of its mission, the Social Policy Research Institute conducts a range of programs designed to adjoin scholarly work and public policy. The Institute is involved in several long-term research projects in the areas of media ethics, occupational and environmental health, and the advancement of civil governance (i.e. referendums and direct elections).

The Social Policy Research Institute is financed primarily by endowments and grants from non-profit organizations and private individuals. Its funds are devoted to carrying out its own research and educational activities.

A Board of Directors is responsible for general supervision of the Institution, approval of fields of investigation, and safeguarding the independence of the Institution's work.

The President is the chief executive officer, responsible for formulating and coordinating policies, recommending projects, approving publications, and selecting staff.

An Advisory Board comprising of leading scientists from around the world provides direction and leadership in all aspects of scientific research.

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