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SPRI scientists found that approximately 1 out of every 5 articles published in The New England Journal of Medicine and The Journal of the American Medical Association had authors with serious conflicts of interest. Findings were published in the J General Internal Medicine.

Benfits of Joining the SPRI Family
When you make a gift to us, you help us advance science and society. All of our researchers are committed to empowering individuals and groups with the knowledge to make informed ethical decisions.

Individual donors and SPRI supporters receive special publications and presentations by our physicians and scientists, and important updates regarding developing programs.

Your Annual Gift sustains our programs and services, supports our researchers and provides us with the resources to reach members of the community.

Your gift...
Helps Promote A Cleaner Community. Our team of scientists are devoted to improving community health through promotion of preventative health programs, reducing pollution, improving sanitation and hygiene and creating healthier workplacess.

Promote International Cooperation The Social Policy Research Institute is committed to facilitating cross-cultrural research. Our Science Affiliates represent nations from around the globe including, India, Bulgaria, Russia, England, Columbia, Canada, Palestine, Israel and The United States. We believe that science can act as a bridge across cultures.

Facilitate Advances in Ethical Biomedical Research In addition, to some recent publications in highly regarded peer-review journals, we will continue illucidating shortfalls in biomedical research and, more importantly, develop solutions which will promote ethical practices and standards.

Advance our Current Knowledge of Gulf War Syndrome With over 70,000 soldiers afflicted by various health problems since the end of the first Gulf War, it is critical that more research be conducted on the etiology and treatment of Gulf War Syndrome. Your generosity will help us continue with our important investigations.


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